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Webinar; The Transorbital Projection

Evaluating the stage of periodontal disease around maxillary carnassials in dogs is difficult. Join us on this webinar where we introduce a new projection in dental radiology.
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2 hours
600 people

Webinar; The Transorbital Projection

A new projection in dental radiology has proven more efficient in revealing attachment loss and periapical pathology around the mesiobuccal and distobuccal roots of the maxillary carnassial in dogs.

This webinar is an introduction to the new projection, how to obtain the pictures and what you can see on them.

OBS. The webinar is live and will NOT be recorded.

dato for kursus

Date and time

Start date: 6. September 2023

End date: 6. September 2023
Time: At 7–9 pm, including a small break and Q&A
dyrlæger og veterinærsygeplejersker


Jens Ruhnau, DVM, Dipl.EVDC.

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målgruppe for kursus


Anyone with an interest in the field of veterinary dentistry.



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