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Jens Ruhnau is internationally renowned teacher

He is a veterinarian specializing in dental treatment and oral surgery

Jens Ruhnau has extensive experience with dental treatments and he
  • Has more than 20 years of experience in the education of veterinarians and veterinary nurses
  • Taught most of the world and is a well-known lecturer
  • is a co-owner and chief veterinarian at the Tanddyreklinikken in Måløv at Copenhagen
  • European Dental Care Specialist (Diplomate EVDC) in 2004
  • Danish special veterinarian in 2005
  • has been a member of the European Dental Veterinarian Association (EVDS) since 1996 and has been on the board for a number of years
  • has for more than 10 years been on the board of the European Dental Practitioners ' Specialist Association (EVDC).
Jens Ruhnau

Chief veterinarian and co-owner of the Tanddyreklinikken

Tanddyreklinikken is Denmark’s leading specialist clinic in dental treatment and oral surgery on small animals.

We only carry out veterinary treatment within our specialist area. We perform everything from ordinary tooth cleansing, periodontose treatment, treatment of broken teeth and surgery of knots in the oral cavity to advanced jaw surgery.

The clinic primarily treats dogs and cats, but rabbits and rodents also find their way to us.

The clinic cooperates with and receives referrals from vet colleagues throughout Denmark.

As a pet owner, you are always welcome to contact us, whether you want advice, guidance or actual treatment of your pet-even without a referral.

  • In 2007, Jens and Lene Ruhnau opened the dental Animal Clinic. Jens and Lene still own and run the clinic.
  • In 2019, the Tanddyreklinikken Education Center opened, where we offer continuing training and courses for veterinarians and veterinary nurses in our field of expertise.

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